Japan in June, day 7


Today was to be my day off, a day of relaxing, shopping, and just “being on holiday” but when I woke the sky was dark and threatening rain, and there was a noticable breeze in the air so I decided to take all my camera gear with me – just incase the rain finally arrived!

My first task of the day was a 1 mile walk to Shi’Tennoji temple as I knew there were some gift shops in that area – one of which in particular I visited several times in August to stock up on incense!

So off I went for the brief walk to the temple but when I got there I discovered that they had a market set up, kinda like a car boot sale type thing back home.

I bought a couple of gifts, including a very old looking, slightly damaged, plaster and fabric painted mask which I’m hoping will be repairable and then repainted when I get back home…

Oh and you know how back home most markets these days have an owl or birds of prey stand set up for visitors to have photos taken etc? They dont do that here…

They have monkeys in shorts on stilts. Beat that Glasgow Fort!

I visited the incense shop (3 boxes bought – 30% of my target buy) then made my way back towards the hotel to drop off shopping cache 1 before heading out again for shopping cache 2.

On the way back I took a small detour to explore Shinsekai during the day. The place has a very different feel to it in daylight but its probably just as busy!

I wandered around for half an hour or so snapping everything and anything that caught my eye before… it finally happened… rain!!

I’m calling it rain. Coming from Scotland, which is the ancient Pictish word for “why’s it always chucking it down here?”, it felt more like a warm and slightly refreshing spray but up went everyone’s umbrellas while those who came out unprepared sought shelter beneath canopies and in restaurants.

I loved it! The cool breeze, the warm “rain”, if only there had been a few million midges it would have felt like a Glencoe summer’s day!

I left Shinsekai for my hotel with a brief stop at the local Family Mart for some milk and breakfast items when I noticed that they did cans of Orange flavoured Suntory Highballs! I just had to try one of those!

It was nice, but, I’m still giving the prize for the best one so far to the Highball Bar in Kyoto.

Shopping dropped off and highball consumed it was time to head out for trip 2 of the day: The Canon Gallery in Osaka.

My plan was to compare and contrast with the Tokyo gallery and decide which to approach first when I get home.

The Canon gallery in Osaka is located within Festival Tower West which is near Yodoyabashi subway.

The current exhibition is a bit of a specialist taste (all of the images were of trains) but the general layout of the gallery was similar to the Tokyo one, although the Tokyo space was a lot darker, which I think I preferred.

As well as the gallery this Canon facility had a repair shop and a sales room so I spent some time drooling over some of the lenses on sale…

That monster to the right was ¥1,750,000 which is just a little below £13,000. Not bad considering this was just a small part of the full Canon lens range!

After the Canon store it was a quick subway trip into Shinsaibashi for some shopping. I’m not the most patient when it comes to shopping so after an hour or so I’d had enough and made my way to the okonomiyaki restaurant I mentioned the other day for a lovely tomato and pork okonomiyaki.

Fed and, yes, after a beer, I stopped off at The Hub, a British themed bar near Namba which has free wifi – just so I could catch up with messages and emails. Honest… 😉

From The Hub the plan was back to drop off shopping cache 2, have a quick basu (bliss again!) Get changed and head back out, but by the time I got back I’d changed my mind about heading back out so it was a bath and an early night.

Going to try to get to Hiroshima tomorrow so 6am start, leave the hotel around 7am and get to Hiroshima around 10.30.

That’s the current plan anyway…


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