Helsinki, Finland – day 4

Woke this morning to heavy snow, so before breakfast I grabbed my camera and headed out to try to capture some pics of Helsinki in the snow. 

It felt very atmospheric as the snow muffled most of the sounds of the city but the distant bells of the cathedral could still be heard ringing out as I wandered up and down quiet streets snapping pics. It was a great start to the day and I managed to get some nice moody snowy photos of the central square, train station, trams, people with umbrellas and statues in the snow. 

As the snow got lighter and the sun began to break through the heavy clouds I headed back to the hotel for some well earned breakfast. 

Today was a relatively free day and as the weather wasn’t ideal for walking we decided to start with some indoor locations so after breakfast we set off on the 1km walk to the “church in the rock”.

Temppeliaukio Church is a popular tourist site due to its unusual architecture. The church was designed in the late 1960s and is carved directly into solid rock, hence the name “church in the rock” or rock church.
The church is covered by a huge copper dome and the interior is lit by natural light which floods in through slats which circle the entire church between the dome and the rock.

Also used as a music venue due to the amazing acoustics, the church is a very popular spot with tourists.

After the church, and with the weather less than perfect for photography we decided to finish off the souvenir shopping before returning to the hotel to drop off the bags.  

The afternoon was spent in an Australian bar eating pizza and watching football for a few hours.

Around 7pm we noticed that the light was improving and the sky had cleared so we returned to the hotel, grabbed the cameras and set off once more for a walk down to the waterfront in the hope of grabbing some nice shots of the seafront at dusk.

It was beautiful in the dark, but very cold as the wind coming in over the Baltic Sea, seemed to cut right through all our layers of “weather proof” clothing to chill right to the bone.  

After a few shots by the sea we headed back to the more sheltered Senate Square to grab more photos of the square and cathedral.  

The walk back to the hotel was lovely as the fading light was ideal for some street photography.  Dimly lit alleys, neon signs and empty trams trundling through deserted streets where the tram lines, lit by street lamps, seemed to run like rivers of fire in the dark all made for what I hope will be some great photographs.  

Tomorrow is a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia so back at the hotel i had just enough time to recharge my camera batteries and clean the lenses before a quick bath and an early night.  

Looking forward to Tallinn tomorrow! 

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