Winter in Japan – day 10

Day 10 was a shopping day. Spent most of the day wandering around Shinsaibashi, Den Den and Namba.

Did manage to find time for a nice lunch near Dotonburi and an evening meal in Namba though! 

Tomorrow is departure day. I’ll probably fit in a trip to Shi’tennoji temple in the morning and then some more shopping in Namba later but after that it’ll be a trip out to Kansai International Airport for the late night flight to Dubai followed by an early morning connection back to Glasgow.

It’s been a great trip this one. I’ve visited some great new locations, redid a few old favourites in a different season and seen some old favourites from new viewpoints. 

I particularly enjoyed Nara, Minoo Park, Koyasan and the Philosophers Walk this time around.

Also, it was nice to finally visit Himeji Castle and to catch a glimpse of Kiyomizu-dera.

It wasn’t possible to fit in a visit to any of the locations in Arashiyama this time around, which was a pity as Arashiyama has some lovely memories for me, plus it would have been nice to see the gardens of Okochi Sanso, the Tenryuji temple and bamboo groves in winter. Maybe next time…

Typically, the weather forecast for next week is for snow on three or four days so looks like I’ve missed out on some great photography conditions by just a week but I’m glad I’ve managed to visit and photograph what I have done this year.

It may well mean I have to revisit in winter again in the hope of better light and more snow but I’ve really enjoyed seeing Japan in the winter and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a break in January / February as the facilities are mostly still fully open but the crowds that seem to be everywhere in summer and autumn just aren’t here at this time of year.

My next trip will hopefully be in springtime to catch the Sakura season in full bloom. Who knows, perhaps I can have a longer visit next time and come back in late February and stay until the Sakura has blossomed in March? I hope so! 

Thanks to everyone who has liked and commented on my blog posts and sent messages. Glad you’ve enjoyed the trip with me 🙂

I’ll get started editing the pics when I get home on Tuesday, so stay tuned to my Facebook and instagram pages to see them as soon as they’ve been posted. 


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