Winter in Japan – day 2

Day 2 was a relatively relaxed day of shopping, siteseeing and buying tickets etc. Did managed to walk 18.5km in the process though! 

The day started with a short walk to Namba to buy the rail passes which will be used later in the week, followed by a walk around Den Den town where I narrowly managed to avoid succoming to the age-old photographers weakness of second hand camera shops and discounted “I’ve always wanted that lens” bargains!  Can I continue to resist as the trip goes on?! 

Lunch was a tomato okonomiyaki and sapporo beer at a lovely little place near Dotonburi before continuing on to Shinsaibashi and finally back to the apartment via Mido-suji and Namba Parks.

The evening was spent in a great little British themed bar just off Mido-suji. Ive never visited any of the “British” pubs in Osaka before as it kinda felt like cheating a bit to come all ths way only to end up drinking warm lager in the Rovers Return but this one was great and VERY popular with the locals.  The overall feel of the bar was quite authentic – complete with pints of ale, artex on the walls and good old British fish and chips! 

It was Burns night the night before we left and I think the words of the bard were still swimming around in my head as sitting beneath a picture of a kilted Scotsman in an ad for Scotch Whisky I couldn’t get the “to see ourselves as others see us” quote out of my head…

The bar looked for all the world like a traditional British pub but with orderly polite queues for beer, hygienically sealed bar snacks and bathrooms with more technology than most houses back home it was all unmistakably Japanese! 

Also… i’ve never seen fish and chips eaten with chopsticks before so that was a first! 

I hadn’t planned on doing much photography today but did manage some street photography and a little videography around Dotonburi and Shinsaibashi after dark.

The lighting around these areas is very different in winter with a definite “snow and ice” theme as neon snowflakes light the fences and the trees are decked in blue lit icicles that twinkle as you walk through the streets. 

One of the reasons I set out to visit this amazing country in all four seasons was this culture of celebrating each season. It’s fascinating from an outsiders point of view to see just how they appreciate each season for what it brings, celebrating the new and taking time to acknowledge what’s been lost as each new season comes around. Such a contrast from back home where we seem to welcome each season with moans of “it’s too cold; too wet; too windy; too hot; too dark” (and that’s all sometimes on the same day!)

Day 3 will begin in 3 or 4 hours and I’ve got a few visits planned for places I’ve already visited in summer and autumn so should be interesting to see how they’ve changed in winter.

A light rain is forecast for the afternoon… so I’m secretly hoping the temperature drops a few more degrees and it settles as snow instead! Fingers crossed! 

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