Winter in Japan – day 1

Not a lot to share for the first day, other than to say the trip went very well. Flights were all on time; meals were great; connections connected. All in all a smooth and hassle free trip to Japan for what is now my fourth visit, but the first in winter.

Weather is looking good for photography with clear blue skies forecast most days and ice cold conditions overnight. No fresh snow predicted for Osaka or Kyoto for the next 5-7 days but I have my fingers crossed for a few of the more mountainous locations!

Like my last visit in Autumn 2015, this trip will include revisits to places I’ve already photographed in different seasons (summer and autumn now) together with a few first time locations..

I’m particularly looking forward to koyasan in the snow, and the evening lantern festival in Nara, plus a first time visit to Himeji Caste  – but more of all that to follow.

In addition to the usual blog and the thousands of photographs, I’ve also brought some video recording equipment this time, so look out for some short films from this trip when I’m  back home. 

So… day 1 ended as always with a trip from.Kansai international airport by shuttle train to Namba, followed by a short (10-15 minute) walk from the station to the apartment. 

A brief trip to the local store for essentials – including a more confident purchase of milk (see day 1 of my last trip blog if that needs explained!) was followed by some snacks and noodles before settling down for the night. 

I’m.writing this first blog at 4am on day 2 as I woke to find the room was FREEZING and couldn’t get back to sleep.  It’s minus 2 outside and probably not much warmer inside the room! 

It is definitely winter here and already very different from previous trips.

Anyway, that’s about it for day 1..

Day 2 is a relaxed one with some shopping planned and the usual rail pass and ticket purchasing for the rest of the trip. 


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