Japan day 2 (2/11/15)

apologies for how brief this post is, and now late in the day! (I’m writing it at 2.30am on what is technically my day 3 already!)

So, flight went well, no problems with connections, seats, fellow passengers, customs or food. Only problem was a total lack of sleep all the way from Glasgow to Osaka. 

I arrived at kansai international from a different direction than before and found myself low flying over Nagasaki, the southern part of Honshu and the island of Shikoku by way of the Inland Sea. 

My initial plans for this trip had included trips to Shikoku and to Hiroshima so it was nice to at least catch a glimpse of the huge whirlpools on the crossing to Shikoku, albeit from 10,000 ft up! Still looked impressive though!

Maybe one for the next trip…

The sun was setting as we approached Osaka bay and the very low, heavy, rain clouds gave the whole scene a strange orange and purple tint. I grabbed a few snaps from the window on approach to the airport but these were on a tiny compact camera so I’m not holding out much hope that I’ll have anything worth sharing when I get home.

I’m staying around 15 minutes from my usual hotel on this visit, which required either a walk or a subway trip from Namba. 18hrs of flights and a 1hr train trip from the airport decided that one for me! Subway…

My apartment on this trip is in a residential area and, although more basic than the place I’d normally stay, is a lot quieter and I have a balcony to sit and watch the world go by in the streets below.

After a brief shopping trip to the local store for the essentials (including a complete guess at what I thought might possibly be milk for my morning coffee – I’ll confirm exactly what it is when I open it in a few hours!)  it was back to my apartment for a welcome beer and noodles with tofu. 

After the meal I settled down to write this blog only to wake 4hrs later! So hence the late posting…

Tomorrow is a local day. A day of tickets, rail passes, then a trip to osaka castle which is apparently lit up at sunset to make the most of the autumn colours.

I captured a nice view of the castle on my last visit, just as the leaves were turning, and since then I’ve seen some lovely photos of the same scene in spring and autumn, so I’m hoping to add my own take on the autumn view tomorrow. 

I’ll be having an early(ish) night tomorrow as I have a very busy wednesday scheduled! 

I’ll post some autumnal photos tomorrow (and confirm what the “milk” was!) 😛

Japan 2015 – Day 01

Well, here we go again!

I leave in around an hour to set off to Glasgow International airport to catch the flight to Dubai, where I’ll have a brief stop-over and a well needed stretch of the old legs before continuing on to Japan and Kansai International Airport, Osaka.

Although this is my third visit to Japan, it’s my first in Autumn and so the overall theme of my photos on this trip will hopefully reflect the changing season.  You can expect some wistful melancholy, some moody black and white photos and a riot of bright reds, oranges, yellows and anything else nature can throw at me!  it’s also likely to be quite an emotional journey for various reasons, so you can probably expect to see some of that in the images too.

The weather forecast is looking promising with only a couple of days of rain forecast next weekend – which should work out perfectly as I’ve scheduled a free day for shopping next Saturday and on Sunday I was planning to visit the already moody graveyards of Okunoin, Koyasan, so that should look great in the rain and autumnal colours.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my adventures again this year.  As before, feel free to comment on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter.

Day 2 will begin just over 24 hours from now when I finally (I hope!) touch down in Osaka.  Until then, thanks again for all your support and comments so far.

Finally, I was asked to give a list of the camera gear I’m taking.   I’m travelling very light this year, so my kit bag only has the following:

Canon 5D mark III
Canon 50mm f1.4 lens
Canon 24-105mm f4 lens
Canon 70-300 f4 lens
Canon 420 exII speedlite flash units (x2)
Off-shoe speedlite cables
Filter kit comprising: Lee Big Stopper; Lee 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 ND Grads, Polarising filters.
Manfroto tripod
Joby Gorila pod which doubles up as a very versatile flash mount
Remote control shutter release
I also have a small compact camera for street shots, and will be considering buying the new Canon M3 mirrorless camera while I’m in Japan.
Hope that answers your question Martin! 🙂