Japan day 9

Bit of a frustrating wash out today I’m afraid.  Much like I believe it’s been back home in Scotland?

 I spent the day chasing the weather and good light and ended up with not much to show for it. 

I woke early with the intention of going to Kyoto to do the philosophers walk but the rain was torrential in Osaka and the thought of going all that way just to get soaked wasnt very appealing, so I went instead to umeda for a wander around and to see if there was anything worth shooting there.

I should explain.  Osaka has two main centres, Kita-ku which is in the north and Minami, to the south. 

Each district has its own shopping and entertainment districts: in the north it’s Umeda, to the south, where I’m based, it’s Namba.

Everytime I’ve visited Japan so far I’ve been based around Namba so while I’ve been to Umeda many times (the main rail hubs are there) I haven’t really explored it like I have Namba.

So, off I went in the hope of doing some wet street photography only to find when I arrived that the rain has gone off so my planned theme of seas of umbrellas and neon lights  wasn’t going to work! 

I spent an hour or so in Umeda anyway and wih the weather seemly improving I decided to brave it and head to Kyoto.

It’s a 40-60 minute journey to Kyoto (depending on which train you catch). I managed to catch the slow train today…

As I approached the outskirts of Kyoto it became very clear (or unclear!) that the weather in Kyoto is not always the same as in Osaka because as the train approached we were smothered in a thick, and thickening, fog.

In hindsight I should have continued on to Kyoto but I had an idea that the bamboo groves of Arashiyama would look great in the fog, so hoping off the train at Katsura I caught the connecting train for the 8 minute trip to Arishiyama. 

Only to find… No fog, just a faint mist covering the top of Mount Arishi, so I grabbed a few photos and headed back towards Kyoto thinking that plan B could include some temples in the fog instead. Only to find… Yep… the fog had gone and instead it was now bucketing down with rain again!!

I’ve seen Kyoto in the rain (and have many photos to prove it!) so I decided to revert to my original plan and return to Umeda (neon lights and umbrellas) 

Yep… you’re way ahead of me now… It was brightening up now in Osaka.

I took a few shots for future reference anyway but with none of my plans working out today, it ended with me a tad annoyed and frustrated. 

The plan for tomorrow is back to Kyoto, do the philosophers walk, see the silver pavilion, pop out to Fushimi Inari and be back at Gion for Geisha time! 

Hopefully the weather will be better then!! 

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