Japan 2014 – Day 8


I travelled to Mount Koya today out towards the Pacific Ocean.

This is the first place I’ve returned to on this trip that I’d visited last time I was in Japan (except of course Osaka)

A rather long (3hr) series of train journeys / changes finishing with a cable car ride up the mountain side and a bus journey along single track mountain passes saw me safely to the gates of Okunoin, Japan’s largest cemetery and home to many sacred Buddhist temples and shrines.

After a lunch of rice and chicken with miso soup and beer at a nearby cafe, it was a leisurely stroll through Okunoin back towards the town centre.

The weather wasn’t ideal; dull and overcast, but I managed to grab quite a few photos from Okunoin on my way through which I hope to share with you when I get back to Scotland.

There are some fascinating places to visit in the cemetery including a well where it is said if you can’t see your own reflection in the water, you will die within the next 3 years, and a standing stone where legend has it, if you place your ear against the stone you can hear the screams in hell…
(For the record, I saw my reflection in the well AND put my eat to the stone – although I dare not say what I heard… 😉 )

After a long walk and some shopping it was back to Osaka.

Tonight was spent at the Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka, listening to some live music and having a few beers.

Tomorrow I’ll be returning to Kyoto and, in the evening, Gion, where I’ll be hoping to get some photos of the geisha and the traditional tea houses.

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