Japan 2014 – Day 7

Day off today at Universal Studios Japan.

The trip was straight forward: walk to JR Namba then train to Nishikujo and quick change of train then two stops to Universal City station.

I’m not really a huge fan of theme parks but if you enjoy overpriced plastic trinkets or standing in line for 1-3hrs at a time in order to take a seat on a 10 minute ride I can recommend it!.
I found myself on the “back to the future” ride, then “jaws”, “Jurassic park” and finally “terminator 2”
Also had a wander around Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

Jurassic park was probably my favourite.

Tomorrow I’m off to Koyasan. The first place I’m returning to that I also visited last time I was here. (Excluding Osaka of course!)

Koyasan is a world heritage site and will celebrate it’s 1200th anniversary in 2015. It’s a huge series of Buddhist shrines and temples high on mount Koya which is around 2hrs from Osaka in the wakayama prefecture out towards the Pacific Ocean.

It is also home to Okunoin, Japan’s largest cemetery. (A little morbid I know but it is seriously photogenic!)

Anyway, early night tonight as I have a very early start. Looking forward to updating you tomorrow on my trip to Koyasan. 🙂


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