Japan 2014 – Day 6

The weather was a little disappointing today as I made my way towards Lake Biwa and the town of Otsu. Still very warm, but grey and overcast and a little windy.

The trip was a bit convoluted: subway from Namba to Umeda; train from Umeda to Kawaramachi in Kyoto; a walk to Kyoto JR station then the train to Otsu.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe Otsu all day…
Lake Biwa is a beautiful area and very like Scotland’s Loch Lomond in terms of popularity and proximity to a major city (Osaka / Glasgow)
Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of the lake, but on arrival at Otsu I imagine I felt the same way a Japanese tourist might feel if they’d travelled all the way to Scotland to see Loch Lomond only to accidentally step off the train in Renton…

A walk through Otsu in an attempt at finding a nice viewpoint proved fruitless, so instead, I decided to visit Shiga Midera, a nearby Buddhist temple considered one of the “four great temples of Japan”
The temple is huge and I managed to grab a few shots in and around the main temples and surrounding gardens. (Parts of the temple have a no photography rule)

Back in Osaka tonight, I visited a Ramen restaurant voted “best Ramen in Osaka” (called “Ippudo”) and had some nice Shiromaru ramen (with the obligatory Asahi beer to wash it down!)

Tomorrow is a photo day off as I’m going to universal studios, the movie theme park; so I’ll be busy all day dodging Jurassic park dinosaurs and casting spells as Harry Potter, etc…

I’ll try to get some photos in the evening though! 🙂

(PS: Apologies to anyone from Otsu / Renton… Or anyone not from Scotland who doesn’t get the reference)

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