Japan 2014 – Day 5

Headed to Arashiyama near Kyoto today.

Again another straightforward trip from Namba: subway to Umeda, train to Katsura then connecting local train to Arashiyama.

The main reason I wanted to visit Arashiyama was to see the bamboo groves of Sagano, but, during the visit I discovered the Tenryu Shiseizen-ji temple. This is the head temple of Rinzai Zen Buddhism in Japan, built in 1339 to venerate Gautama Buddha.

The temple sits within some beautiful gardens and with the mountain of Arashiyama (the storm mountain) beyond, it is a beautiful place to just sit and watch the world go by.

I managed to get some photos of locals in traditional dress near the temple and some nice shots of the temple and the bamboo groves, so look out for them on my Facebook page and here on my blog when I return! 🙂

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll be heading off to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake, which lies to the northeast of Kyoto.

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