Japan 2014 – Day 4

Brief update today…

Just before setting off for Kyoto and the bamboo groves of Arashiyama, I discovered that today was a Japanese national holiday (respect the aged day) and that most popular visitor attractions would be busier than ever.

With this in mind I decided to reschedule the Kyoto trip and instead had a wander around Osaka’s Nipponbashi district (known locally as Den-Den town)
Nipponbashi is famous for it’s electronics, collectables, anime and manga stores. Not to mention a huge number of cosplay / maid cafés.
(There are girls dressed in French maid outfits on every corner inviting customers into their cafés…)

I joked yesterday about not knowing the Japanese for “Allen keys” and thankfully I didn’t need to know as almost immediately on arrival i found a hardware store and picked up a set for less than £3!
So, the mini-tripod is repaired! 🙂

Finished the “day off” by getting lost amongst the huge number of shops in the subterranean Namba city / Namba Walk / Namba Parks shopping complex.

To give some perspective here: Namba Parks is a 5 floor shopping and entertainment complex linked to a 30 floor office complex.
Namba city is a 400+ shop and restaurant mall and Namba walk is a 2km long underground shopping mall.

All in, more than 1000 shops and restaurants spread over 5 floors – each floor longer than Glasgow’s famous Buchanan Street shopping area!

After the mall – tomorrow’s long walk through the Japanese countryside is going to be easy!

Oh, and before anyone asks, no. I didn’t get any special respect on “respect the aged” day…!!

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