“Never miss another photo” – explained

Last week I launched a newsletter signup form on my Facebook page.

I’ve been increasingly frustrated that Facebook’s sharing policy severely limits the number of views any new work receives. Unless of course, the page owner is willing to pay Facebook to “boost” each and every post…
I firmly believe that if someone has taken the time to “like” a page, then they should be allowed to see all the posts that page makes and decide for themselves whether they want to continue to support it or not.
Over the past year or so, I’ve seen average viewing rates fall from around 25% to less than 2%.
Other page admins are reporting similar drops.

So, I’ve created a mailing list on the Mailchimp.com mailing website and invited visitors to my page to subscribe to the list.

Subscribing is free, and will mean that once a month subscribers will receive an email “newsletter” providing links to all new work posted by me online.
This should mean that subscribers never miss another photo, regardless of which site it is posted to.

I currently share work on my own website, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, National Geographic’s “your shot” site, 500px, pinterest and several other photo sharing sites, so it can be difficult for anyone – including me – to keep up with everything shared online.
I’m hoping that a single email summary sent out once a month will help everyone track my work, regardless of where or how it is shared.

To keep it interesting, and to make it worthwhile for subscribers, each month there will be newsletter exclusives, including competitions and discount codes for use in my web store.

So, in summary, here’s a list of what the newsletter IS and ISN’T:

The email newsletter IS:

  • one email, monthly, listing all photos shared online since the last email;
  • links to each image, so that you can view the work with a click on the email;
  • a brief news section, detailing any interesting news or updates;
  • a monthly discount code for use in my web-store;
  • a quarterly competition for subscribers only;

The email newsletter IS NOT:

  • an attempt to sell you anything;
  • spam, or junk mail;
  • a marketing list to be sold on to third parties

You can subscribe by following thisĀ 

You can unsubscribe from the list at any time with a click of a button (I’ve tried it!)

I hope that everyone who likes my work subscribes to the list so that I can be sure that when I post something online, the people who matter most – those who like and share my work – are seeing everything that I do.