Photobook project update

It’s been a few months since I announced my grand and somewhat ambitious plan to create a photobook and (possibly) photographic exhibition based around a series of photos I’ve taken during the course of the last 12 months or so. 
The preparation and planning for the project took quite a while and has involved (to date) 21 road trips to various parts of the country covering several thousand miles in the process.

I’ve travelled by car, foot and steam train during this time and it’s still not quite finished.  One or two of the locations would benefit from different weather conditions so I have a few more road trips and hikes before I can say I have what I need!

ImageThe challenge (I’ve found) is to create something new each time I visit locations that over the past year or so I’ve visited many times and come to know very well indeed.  The fact that the British (and in particular, west-coast of Scotland) weather is so fickle has been a benefit and a hindrance.   No two days are the same (in fact at times, no two hours are the same!) which helps keep the motivation levels up as there is always something new to see and shoot, but, at the same time waiting for an hour for the light to be “just right” only to have a rain cloud bubble up at the wrong time and ruin everything is rather frustrating to say the least!

As the photographic stage comes to an end (I’m hoping the last of the work will be shot around December), my attention now turns inevitably towards writing the narrative around the work, linking the images and explaining the concept behind the whole project.   I’ve already started scouting locations for the exhibition and drawn up a list of relevant media outlets for publicity purposes.
I will also need to find a publisher – or considering self-publishing – and, there remains the small matter of financing the end product, i.e. the book!

It was always my plan to finance the shooting and travel myself, but, to fund the end product through social crowd-funding. 
At the moment, my preferred option is Kickstarter, although as with everything, this is still under consideration.

Details of the crowd-funding drive will be shared on Twitter, Facebook and here on my blog when the time comes.
Subscribers who pledge to the project will receive a variety of special offers and gifts, AND my eternal gratitude!

So, thank you for reading this update, I’ll post another soon!

Please make sure you “follow” my Twitter feed and “like” my Facebook Page as these will be the only places to find out about the crowd-funding launch and to take advantage of advanced notice of prizes and competitions.  
I have some very special gifts to announce for funders and can’t wait to actually announce the theme / title of this, as yet, untitled project.