Doors Open!

Great weekend for anyone planning a visit to Glasgow.
Doors Open is an annual event where visitors are given the opportunity to visit some of Glasgow’s historical buildings, many of which are normally closed to the public, all for free!

Great opportunities for photography (they even run a competition to make it interesting!) or just good old curiosity…

This year, I’m hoping to get along to the following (amongst others!):

  • Barrowland Ballroom (former dance hall, current music venue in the heart of the famous Barras market);
  • Brittania Panopticon Music Hall (oldest surviving music hall in the world, place where Stan Laurel first took to the stage);
  • Govan Old Church (home to the Govan stones, a collection of 5 ancient Pictish carved stones and a sarcophagus);
  • Lighthouse (Charles Rennie MacKintosh’s first public commission);
  • Tobacco Merchants House (preserved 18th century merchants house in the centre of the city);
  • Western Baths club (19th century gothic style swimming baths, still in use today!);

As always, any photos will be posted on my Facebook page.

Please feel free to visit and “like” the page for updates on this story and all future work…


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